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Meet You Where You Are Launch

Aug 11, 2022

Introduction to Youth Skills and Training Program

Gateway Music Group LLC  and partners have launched a pilot program,"Meet You Where You Are", a groundbreaking skills and training program to provide at-risk teens and young adults with a pathway toward actualizing their dreams of working in performing arts and the entertainment industry.


Launched as a three-year pilot program, "Meet You Where You Are" will serve youth 12 - 20 years old who are at-risk for delinquency.

The first pilot program will select young people to participate in a 3 month summer mentoring program that combines leadership and team development with extracurricular activities such as art, music, dance, and physical fitness.


After completion of the training program, participants will be eligible to access mentors and tools introduced by the program year round and continue Phase 2 in the following summer.

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