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Meet Our Team


Yancii Johnson

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Yancii Johnson is a retired military veteran that founded the company in 2020. As CEO, Yancii provides strategic, financial, and operational leadership to senior team members and closely coordinate with the Board of Directors. Yancii is responsible for implementing the company's vision to become a global leader in arts and entertainment industry.

Mike Vetre

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Mike Vetre is a retired military veteran with over 20 years experience in project management, leadership, and logistics. Mike has taken the reigns as the driving force behind the success of key projects in our organization. Mike drives performance measures by

developing and cascading the organization's strategy/mission statement to the lower-ranking staff, and implementing coaching to align personnel with company goals.

Mike manages key relationships with our stakeholders in the entertainment industry, government, and business community.


Reese Fredericks

Performing Arts Coordinator (PAC)

Reese Fredericks has been a valued member of our organization since 2021. She brings the energy and creativity we need to set our events apart from our competitors. Reese's talent and background in music makes her one of the best in her field.

Kathryn Gold

Youth Coordinator

Kathryn Gold has been part of the family since before the company was legally recognized as a LLC in 2020. Kathryn brings 24 years of experience in the public school system to the team. She oversees our summer programs and internship opportunities for at-risk youth in the local community.


Mark "RVO" Brown

Senior Engineer/ Music Producer

Working alongside our signed artists, Mark Brown steers budding talent and challenges them to reach their full potential. Mark is an entrepreneur in the music industry with an extensive background in production and audio engineering. Mark makes the difficult job of producer look easy.

Julian Colon

Studio Engineer (Intern)

Julian Colon is a current student pursuing a degree and certification in audio engineering. Julian is gaining valuable experience on best practices for mixing and mastering projects, along with running in-person studio sessions from our senior engineers. Julian is a major talent and has a bright future in our company. He is a stickler for providing the best quality service to our clients using todays widely accepted DAW {Logic Pro, Pro Tools and Ableton).

IMG_4732 Small_edited_edited.jpg

Jared Walton


Jared "J-Red" Walton has been working with Gateway Music Group LLC since 2022. He is the founder of Entertainistry, Inc with grassroots in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, CA. Jared is overseeing our expansion into television. He is the genius behind our presence in the world of comedy, and knows the best ways to optimize talent.

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