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New Merchandise Release

May 25, 2022

Gateway Music Group LLC released its first line of merchandise called the "Gold Standard Collection." By definition "Gold Standard" is the best, most reliable, or most prestigious thing of its type. The collection was inspired by the owner's vision to infuse the company logo with a meaningful phrase(s) that inspires our customers and represents our character, culture, and brand. A portion of our proceeds will be reserved for funding the company's pilot program, Meet You Where You Are and donating to local community resources.

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"The Jungle" web series

June 1, 2022

Gateway Music Group LLC has partnered with Greats Entertainment LLC to produce its first web series project entitled "The Jungle." The project is inspired by the creator's passion to share his story of the inner city, cultural diversity, and life choices influenced by socioeconomic disparity in the country. The company has put together a talented group of cast members from the surrounding areas who have shown commitment over the past 2 years in completing our first season.

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Project Gateway: Meet You Where You Are

June 25, 2022

Gateway Music Group LLC  and partners have launched a pilot program
Meet You Where You Are, a groundbreaking skills and training program to provide at-risk teens and young adults with a pathway toward actualizing their dreams of working in performing arts and the entertainment industry. Launched as a three-year pilot program, Meet You Where You Are will serve at-risk and gang-involved youth aged 10 and older.
The first pilot program will select young people to participate in a 3 month summer mentoring program that combines leadership and team development with extracurricular activities such as art, music, dance, and physical fitness. After completion of the training program, participants will be eligible to access mentors and tools introduced by the program year round and continue Phase 2 in the following summer.